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My Story

My story began when I was a mere spring chicken living with my family. I’ve been sewing clothes since I was a seven-year-old little girl, when I designed and sewed outfits for my dolls. Throughout my childhood and teen years, I continued my passion of designing and creating clothes for me, my family, and friends. 


The process of designing, making, and showcasing fashion has never been just that. For me, fashion, creation, and design have always been ART. From picking up the pencil and touching it to a piece of paper, right until I cut the last piece of thread from a finished seam. 

Throughout my life, my sewing machine was never too far away. With everything going on, I still regarded this trusty companion as an essential part of my home. Wherever the sewing machine was home. My undying and trusting relationship with my sewing machine made me realize the importance of modifying fashion and style to each unique person physically, emotionally, and mentally…

…And that’s when MC Tailoring was born.

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